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Filter Mesh Disc


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Materials: SUS304/316/304L/316L stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, brass, phosphor copper, etc.
Shape: round, ring, square, rectangle, tubular, mesh basket, screen frame, irregular shape, etc.
Characteristics: stamping, bending resistance, aging resistance, not easy to rust, strong and durable, smooth surface, corrosion resisting, non-toxic, health, environmental protection, good rigidity, accurate filtration precision, reusable after washing and long lifetime.
(1) medical disinfection screen frame, filtration mesh, oil filter, mesh used for petroleum;
(2) barbecue net, fruit basket, vegetable basket, flower basket, shoe rack, pet cage, edible oil filter in daily life;
(3) shopping cart, turnover box, goods shelves in supermarket; shelves for drinks and food of hotel;
(4) wastepaper baskets, hanaper use in office; book & newspaper rack, etc.
Note: free sample and special specifications are available on your request!

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